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Daily House Tours

Our guided House Tours start on 30 March and run Monday to Saturday, throughout the season, to end of October

Daily House Tours

Sausmarez Manor, nestled in the picturesque island of Guernsey, stands as a testament to centuries of history and heritage, boasting a lineage that spans over 800 years. This magnificent historical house, with its captivating architecture and sprawling grounds, serves as a window into the past, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of the illustrious de Sausmarez family. Steeped in tradition and grandeur, the manor exudes an aura of refinement and charm, preserving tales of bygone eras within its walls. From its medieval origins to its present-day splendour, Sausmarez Manor remains a cherished landmark, a testament to the enduring legacy of its noble heritage.

To view tour times and prices, please visit our House Tours page.

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