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House Tours

Fascinating and beautiful

Those who have been on one of the tours of the house have remarked how enjoyable they are and this is thanks to the knowledgeable team who make the whole experience so interesting, amusing and personal. It helps that the house has that lived in feel and has such an interesting tale to tell.

With the association going back to 1205 or before and a family of Adventurers, Diplomats, Privateers, Admirals, Generals, Inventors, Politicians, Prelates, Colonial Governors and Artists, it makes for a fascinating and interesting 40 minutes or so. The Guides each have their own individual styles and passions, so each tour is a gem of originality.

Highlights to look out for

  • The Widows Walk

  • The remarkable tapestries

  • The Nanny of the 28 children

  • The sofa the Queen Mother sat on

  • The father of the 28 children

  • The 1st Royal Naval uniform

  • The world's greatest treasure ship ever captured

  • The log of centurion 

  • The carving of the Judgement of Solomon

Tour Availability


Monday-Thursday 11.30 only

Extra 11.30 Fri & Sat (unless there is a wedding)


Monday-Thursday 10.30 & 11.30
Extra 11.30 Fri & Sat (unless there is a wedding)

June, July, August & September:

Monday-Thursday 10.30, 11.30 & 2.30
Extra 11.30 Fri & Sat (unless there is a wedding)


Monday-Thursday 11.30

Extra 11.30 Fri & Sat (unless there is a wedding)

Tour Admission

Adults:                     £10.00
Senior Citizens:       £9.00
Students:                 £5
Children under 14:  £5
Children under 3:    FREE


Large Groups

Please contact us: 

Tel:                           +44 (0)1481 235571


We also have Ghost Tours

Held by appointment all year round these special tours focus on the rich history of hauntings that have been experienced at the manor over the years.

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