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The Sub Tropical Gardens

Recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society, and mentioned prominently in "1001 Gardens to visit Before You Die" Both "The RHS Garden Finder" and " The Good Garden Guide" go to some length to describe this unusual Garden and its Subropical and unusual plants and shrubs."Which Gardens" and "Gardeners World Magazine" also recommend it to their readers.

To grow ginger (Hedechium), Giant geraniums and echiums, palm trees in profusion, bamboos in great drifts, yams (Collocasia & Alocasia), several types of Banana and of course a variety of tree ferns and camellias galore. As well as birds of paradise plants, (Strelitzia) Arum & Canna Lillies.
Just wander through the winding paths and jungle glades and soak up the glorious greens of the leaves and feel the better for it.


Each Season brings its own paricular speciality.....

SUMMER sees the end of the rhododendrons, the flourishing of the Handkerchife Tree(Davidia Involucrata) with the emergence of the Hebes, Fuchsias, lilies, and early  Agapanthas  the brilliant blue, pink white and some undecided Hydrangeas, the Drymis Winterii, Crinodendron Hookerianums,Clethera (lily of the Valley Tree),and early Cyclamen, Arum Lilies, Hedechiums, Arbutilons and Crinums are flowering. Now is the time when the foliage of the various Tree Ferns, drifts of Bamboos, Palms and Banana trees are at their most luxurient and  vigerous best. If it is a good summer the Brugmansias enchant

AUTUMN  swathes of cyclamen and the Hydrangeas  in all their colours continue right on through to Christmas.Arbutilons in variety, Fatsias, autumn Flowerig Camellias the Jersey Lily (Amarillis Belladona) and slightly later the Guernsey Lily( Nerine Sarniensis) occasionally makes an appearance. Autumn is the time for the dramaticaly veined leaves of th Arum Italicum Pictum of which there some interesting varieties.All the different Fuchias seem to just go on and on,

 Ginger lilies in variety,and the onrush of early Camellias and early Narcissus from Nov/Dec.

WINTER,The Winter glory of the Arum Italicum Pictum  is swiftly over shadowed by the different Snow Drops, early Narcisus, and ealy Spring drifts of Cyclamen, More Camellias (around 320). One keeps going into August and in 2010 right into September. Actually this oddity is just out side the estate office. Blue Bells hotly followed by the early Nacissus reveal their cheery presence 

SPRING ,this is the time when the Blue Bells as well as the pink and white ones hold sway till they are in turn overshadowed by all the differnt daffodills claiming their slot before the leaves of the giant Hostas cover thier stems. The Treeferns show they have not really been dormant and the Early Bamboos start to show thier growth, there are around 40 types from dwarfs 20"(50cms) tall to towering giants of 30'(10m) with green, black yellow , golden,and variegated stems, some gleamingly smooth and others soft and furry.  The Gunnera unfurl their unrealistic 5' leaves, the Tree Fuchsias Excortica(25', 8m tall ) reveal their tiny inky blue/green gems of flowers,astonishngly growing straight from their cinnamon coloured branches. Azaleas early Rhododndrons , The astonishingly fast growing Giant Echium (Echium Peninana) starts its headlong spurt of growth of 6-10'(2-3.5m) of growth in little over a month  


Telephone Peter de Sausmarez: +44 (0)1481 235571

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